Disney Portfolio

The Disney Portfolio email's aim was to get the database excited about the Disney Parks and publicise offers that make them more enticing to the customer.

Creating a magical feeling is always at the forefront of Disney's communications, therefore with the hero image we wanted to immediately attract attention with a beautiful animation. Three iconic images were chosen to highlight each of the subjects, enchanting photographs of the castles and the familiar and welcoming faces of Mickey Mouse and the gang. Using imagery like this has been proven to increase engagement with the audience. The sparkling frame circles to add excitement to the transitions.

Another key aim of this communication was to add interactivity. This was achieved first by allowing the user to select the content they were interested in reading more about. Once clicked the button would become selected with a magical flourish and the corresponding content would appear, and if another button was selected the content underneath would update accordingly. As well as adding fun and intrigue to the experience this technique also allows the user to interact with the content they are interested in faster, without having to scroll to the bottom of the mail.

In addition, an interactive image carrousel was also incorporated allowing multiple inspirational images to be included. Testing also proved that once someone clicked onto the second image they were highly likely to view the rest in the set.

Created at Armadillo CRM.


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